FreshDate Tablet

FreshDate Has Gone Portable!

The FreshDate Tablet is an easy-to-use touchscreen Android tablet. Our ink-free direct thermal printers can automatically calculate expiration dates, print nutrition information, generate barcodes, and eliminate handwriting.  Your facilities’ data is preloaded for ease of printing. The FreshDate Labeling System is designed to provide innovative ways to label while aiding in food safety compliance.

10″ Touchscreen Android Tablet

Can Be Used for Other Applications

Connect Up to 6 Bluetooth Printers

Up to 8,000 Programmable Buttons

Manage Data with USB or WiFi

Easy to Replace Printers

Mobile or Stationary Tablet

Esha Nutrition Interface – Food & Waste Donation Management

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FreshDate Labeling System

Label Formats

The FreshDate system has labels that come in a variety of materials and adhesives. Labels can feature automated date/time to deliver complete and accurate information to follow food safety standards. We offer a variety of standard formats however; you can also create custom labels!

Prep Labels

Our prep labels are available in paper with all-purpose adhesive, synthetic material with removable adhesive, and dissolvable.

Retail Labels

Our retail labels can include nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, location information, barcodes, pricing, and more!

Custom Pre-Printed

Highlight your facilities brand with custom pre-printed labels. Choose to have your logo printed in black by the printer or order rolls of color pre-printed labels.


``With FreshDate, we’ve been able to consolidate all information onto 1 label, saving us time and money over our old process, which was keeping an inventory of pre-printed labels and putting up to 3 labels per package. Allowing our staff to print labels right in the kitchen vs. the office has also saved on labor costs. The presentation level is much higher than it was before. By incorporating a barcode to the label, our lines are definitely moving quicker now and our STG ``Grab and Go`` program has grown exponentially in that time.``-
``We really love the FreshDate printer - it’s a cool little machine. It’s not often that your expectations of a product are met and exceeded, but that’s what we have seen with FreshDate. I love it and I know if I asked the staff, they would say the same.``-
``The state inspectors came in and did an inspection and they really liked FreshDate a lot, because they could see all the info they were looking for on each item. Before we were handwriting on each package with a marker and tape and we had issues with legibility but now everything is clear and readable and there is never a question as to what the date on the item means or when it expires; it’s wonderful not to have to think twice about the items we are prepping. The received on function is especially helpful because we are able to label each box in every shipment that comes in with total ease. My staff has adopted it with ease and are really making the most of FreshDate. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.``-
``The FreshDate is working great at our facility! It has really improved our back of the house labeling processes and our staff love how easy it is to use. We are also excited to be integrating it with CBORD for all of our retail labeling, allowing us to provide our customers with good looking and nutritionally informative labels.``-
``We just started using FreshDate a few weeks ago and we’re very impressed. The staff absolutely loves it! Especially compared to other systems and software I’ve used in the past, the learning curve with FreshDate is so small. This will be a great tool to help us be compliant with the new CFIA Labeling Requirements for Grab and Go.``-
``Dartmouth implemented the MedVantage FreshDate system in the fall of 2015, and couldn’t be happier with the switch. Not only is the customer service top notch but their adaptability and knowledge can’t be beat. We went from basic mailing labels to a more polished professional label. Our staff no longer need to worry about using date guns and can go to one place to print all the information they need. We recently switched to having bar codes on all our internally produced goods, and the turnaround time to complete this within the FreshDate system was less than a week. The administrative maintenance is easy to maintain, and will integrate with our menu management system to allow for consistent branding across campus.``-