Downloadable App for iOS & Android

GoOps is an easy-to-use application for prep and retail packaging. Our ink-free direct thermal printers can automatically calculate expiration dates, print nutrition information, generate barcodes, and eliminate handwriting. Your facilities’ data is preloaded for ease of printing. The application is designed to provide innovative ways to label while aiding in food safety compliance.

App for iPad or Android Tablet

Can Be Used for Other Applications

Connect Up to 6 Bluetooth Printers

Up to 8,000 Programmable Buttons

Data is Cloud Hosted

Easy to Replace Printers

Mobile or Stationary Tablet

Food Production, RFID Enabled Inventory Management, Temp Monitoring, & HACCP Compliance

Label Formats

MedVantage has labels that come in a variety of materials and adhesives. Labels can feature automated date/time to deliver complete and accurate information to follow food safety standards. We offer a variety of standard formats however; you can also create custom labels!

Prep Labels

Our prep labels are available in paper with all-purpose adhesive, synthetic material with removable adhesive, and dissolvable.

Retail Labels

Our retail labels can include nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, location information, barcodes, pricing, and more!

Custom Pre-Printed

Highlight your facilities brand with custom pre-printed labels. Choose to have your logo printed in black by the printer or order rolls of color pre-printed labels.