New Medical Labeling Technology

An innovative solution that replaces pre-printed labels, saves time and money, and improves safety and compliance.

IntelliDate is a fully automated labeling system that encompasses all labeling requirements for Healthcare.

Easy to use, one-button operation with NO operator input of data ensures 100% accuracy of critical information, making IntelliDate the most innovative stand-alone labeling solution in the market today.

Place IntelliDate on a desk, shelf, or mount it on a wall so your staff can print the labels they need, when they need them. Labels stored in memory are organized on easy to find buttons on the touchscreen. To print a label, simply tap the one you need and select the amount of labels to print.

  • Sent fully loaded with the data you require – plug and play
  • Customizable for your departments critical and time sensitive information.
  • Automated expiration date and time, no mistakes.
  • Eliminate code violations by improving labeling legibility and accuracy.
  • Easy to use touchscreen that allows you to print labels in seconds.
  • Over 1,600 programmable labels.
  • Labels come in a selection of sizes and colors.
  • Eliminates pre-printed labels…print what you want when needed.
  • Upgrades possible to add new applications and address new labeling requirements.
  • No IT or Data Entry required. Fully modifiable at your location. Edit on-demand.
  • No ink cartridges or ribbons are required.
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Sample Label Formats