Labeling System for Your Sterile Processing Department

SteriDate is an easy-to-use touchscreen kiosk or downloadable software for your site’s PC for sterile processing labels. High-quality labels are compatible with all sterilization modalities. The system automatically calculates expiration dates, generates barcodes, and eliminates handwriting. Customizable formats include load control, instrument sets, loaner tray labels, and more!

Perfect complement to any tracking system!

  • ALL IN ONE SYSTEM – Software supports multiple applications. Various pre-loaded label formats serve the needs of the entire department.

  • EASY TO NAVIGATE – No data entry required. Items stored in memory. Click and print interface makes it simple for staff to use.

  • FULLY AUTOMATED – Automated date & time minimizes human error, and aids in regulatory compliance.

Stand Alone Unit

Connect Up to 2 Printers

Printers Connect via Bluetooth

Touchscreen Kiosk

Downloadable Software for Your Facility’s PC

Connect Up to 2 Printers

Printers Connect via Bluetooth or USB

Compatible with Windows Only

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SteriDate Labeling System

Label Formats

The SteriDate System allows you to print multiple label formats. Our ultra-aggressive poly labels are autoclavable and can withstand all sterilization and washers. Labels can feature automated date/time to deliver complete accurate and legible information to improve accuracy, patient safety, and regulatory compliance.

You can print labels up to a 2″ width.

Load Control Labels

Easy to read & supports up to 6 characters for Tech ID, Automated Calendar Date, Julian date, & Expiration Date.

Instrument Inventory Labels

Google-style predictive search; type a few letters from any part of the name. Store a virtually unlimited number of instruments/sets. Consistent instrument identification with optional ID number barcode

Loaner & Consignment Tray Labels

Sequence multiple trays used in one procedure and/or containing the same instruments.

General Communication Labels

Simple communication labels available as well as dated, future dated, and dated communication with sequencing.