Traditional Sterilization Labeling

Load, Communication and Tray & Instrument Tracking Labels

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The simple solution to customizing your labeling needs. We also offer traditional labeling solutions such as pre-printed and instrument tracking labels. With every case of labels, you’ll receive a FREE ink roller. Our labels are designed to improve accuracy, compliance, and patient safety!

Easy to Repair

Ultra Aggressive Adhesives

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Load Labels


One label compatible with all Sterilization Systems!

Plastic Material

ASP Approved

700 Labels/Roll, 24 Rolls/Box

Apply Before Sterilization

Available in colors: Red, Blue, & Green


Steam & Gas

Paper Material

1125 Labels/Roll, 24 Rolls/Box

Available in colors: Red & Green


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Communication Labels

Short run preprinted or plain color labels in small quantities. Various colors, sizes, and adhesive options.

Product Details:

  • Litho smudgeproof material
  • Permanent, Removable, and Autoclavable adhesives
  • Various sizes and colors
  • 20 Roll minimum
Make Your Own Label

Tray & Instrument Tracking Labels and Ribbons

Our high quality polyester labels and full resin ribbons gives you consistently legible printing and scannable barcode images and are compatible with all common barcode printers and tracking systems. High tack adhesive insures the items adhere through multiple washings.¹

MedVantage Labels:

  • High Quality Polyester labels
  • Sustained legibility after multiple washer processes
  • Ultra-Aggressive adhesive (Autoclavable)
  • Multiple label sizes configured to fit common printers
  • Compatible with all tracking systems; Microsystems SPM, Impress®, T-Doc and Abacus

MedVantage Full Resin Ribbons:

  • High-Performance Full Resin Ribbons compatible with common printing systems
  • Clean and legible printing before and after Sterilization
  • Outstanding quality and legibility after multiple washes
  • Smear and scratch resistant
  • Multiple ribbons compatible with common printers

¹ The above quality statement applies when MedVantage labels and ribbons are used in conjunction with proper printer heat settings consistent with thermal transfer printing on polyester material.