Sterile Processing

Labeling System for Load Control, Rigid Containers, Wrapped Trays, Peel Packs, Loaners & HLD

SteriDate is a CSSD Labeling System that replaces label guns and pre-printed labels. It improves efficiencies by eliminating human error handwriting mistakes while ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance!

SteriDate is easy to implement and cost effective while giving the facility complete control of critical information. The touchscreen interface is easy to navigate & data is stored in memory to ensure 100% accuracy.

  • Standalone Kiosk or PC Software to address every workstation from decontam to storage.
  • Sterilization Load Control Labeling that improves legibility and replaces label guns.
  • Instrument Sets, Loaner Trays, Implants, HLD, Rechargeable Batteries and More 
  • Automated Dating Feature calculates your expiration dates/times based on set shelf life standards
  • Worry-free Safety and Compliance – eliminate health code violations by improving labeling legibility and accuracy.
  • Over 1,600 programmable labels – simply tap the label you need then enter the amount of labels desired
  • Labels come in a selection of sizes and colors and are made of an ultra-aggressive material that can be applied before any sterilization method or washer without fading or peeling off.
  • Single and Dual printing options with Thermal Transfer printers.
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Load Control Labels

General Communication and Automated Expiration Labels

Rigid Containers, Wrapped Trays, Peel Packs & Loaner Trays